Galerie Michel Guimont, Quebec, will present Golland’s most recent paintings and collages. For more information please see the following

Papier 2019 art fair link:


Exhibition on view: September 6 - October 13

Themes of the human and nonhuman, biological and cultural entropy exist throughout this new body of work by Martin Golland. The

scenes exist within an unfixed time and space as a strategy for undermining fixed chronologies in the history of painting. Originally seen as

oppositions, constructive devices such as representation and abstraction, fragmentation and totality, surface and space are collapsed into

new complexities and revelations. Out of necessity, Golland's works are created as a patchwork of glimpses, where unlikely juxtapositions

of imagery, paint materiality, form and surface coalesce within the frame. Image and gesture are interchangeable in the topsy-turvy

environment of each tableau and collage, offering tight-fitted networks that the viewer is left to decode.

GROUP EXHIBITION: Àdisòkàmagan/Nous connaître un peu nous mêmes/We’ll all become stories


On view April 28 – September 16, 2018

This landmark exhibition surveys art in the Ottawa-Gatineau region. It brings historical art into dialogue with contemporary practices,

including a series of newly commissioned works. It is a story told from various perspectives, reflecting the interests and histories of diverse


Located at the confluence of three rivers, this region has long been a site of exchange and interaction. The intertwining concepts of the

exhibition’s Anishnābe (Algonquin), French and English titles encapsulate its layered narrative. The Anishnābe concept of Àdisòkàmagan

implies that every object tells a story. In bringing these objects together, we emphasize the crucial role of the arts in how we come to know

ourselves. Author Gabrielle Roy underscored this with her statement, “nous connaîtrions-nous seulement un peu nous-mêmes sans les

arts?" Mapping the overlapping artistic narratives of this region also confirms what Margaret Atwood’s character Nell from “The Entities”

observed: “In the end, we’ll all become stories.”

The works of art in this exhibition are presented along four thematic lines — Bodies, Bridging, Mapping, and Technologies — which

emerged from an exploration of the art and history of this region. Together, they offer a glimpse at how we interpret our world, and

ourselves within it.

Curators: Rebecca Basciano, Jim Burant, Michelle Gewurtz and Catherine Sinclair


Works presented by Birch Contemporary and Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran, Oct 28 -31st, Toronto Convention Center

RBC prize-winning alumni will be featured in a map of the fair. Look for the RBC wall stickers at the booths.,


Intercambiador Acart artist residency, Madrid, Spain. June-July 2016

During Golland’s Madrid residency he will be working on large scale collage works on paper. The production during this residency will

culminate in a group show at Quinta Del Sordo, where he will exhibit an installation piece responding to the passageway of a converted

garage. This interventional work will form a confrontational lintel across above the main passageway into the exhibition space.


Papier 15 Art Fair, Montreal, QC - April 24- 26, 2015

A selection of Golland's mylar works will be on display at Papier 15 Art Fair at the Birch Contemporary booth. For more details about the

Fair and to advance purchase VIP tickets please follow this link:  


Upcoming Group Exhibition: Human Nature - Curated by Corinna Ghaznavi - April  27 to August 23, 2015

New works by Martin Golland will on view in the upcoming group exhibition Human Nature curated by Corinna Ghaznavi at the Carleton University

Art Gallery (CUAG), Ottawa, ON.  

Please visit back closer April 27th for more details regarding date and time of CUAG opening. Artists featured: Mary Anne Barkhouse (Minden),

Panya Clark Espinal (Toronto), John Dickson (Toronto), Soheila Esfahani (Waterloo), FASTWÜRMS(Creemore), Martin Golland (Ottawa), Sherri Hay

(Toronto), Kelly Jazvac (London), Gareth Lichty (Kitchener),  Gavin Lynch (Ottawa), Lisa Myers (Port Severn), David Ruben Piqtoukun (Sutton West),

Su Rynard (Toronto), TH&B (Hamilton)

Human Nature presents fourteen contemporary Ontario artists whose works look at the state of the natural world and our impact on it. Playing on 

the idea of human nature as a force that exploits and innovates, creates and destroys, the artists explore a range of such critical issues as food 

production, habitat loss, post-industrialization, and natural disaster. Taken together, the works of these artists reflect on human constructions and

 the complex interconnections between nature, culture, and technology. Human Nature is presented in collaboration with the National Arts Centre’s

 Ontario Scene.

Upcoming Solo Exhibition: Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran, Montreal, QC - July/August, 2015

New works will be on view in upcoming solo exhibition at Montreal's Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran. This exhibition is slated for summer 2015.  Please

visit back for more details.